06 Mar 2017

Twenty police patrols and forty uniformed policemen were needed to stop Ivan Dario Becerra, aka ‘Toreto’ a homeless man that grabbed the headlines of all the major news outlets after he stole a dump truck because in his own words, his heart told him to do so. Maybe what was driving his heart during that fast and furious moment was Motley Crue’s song “Kickstart my heart” because, in the end, isn’t rock n roll the type of music that whispers in our ears when we are moved to take brash & reckless decisions, the type that go against any rules appointed?

DANTE has a new race car, their new song and video “Toreto Daze” inspired by a character as representative of their hometown of Bogota as the chaos and the streets clogged with cars that compete with each other like maniacs.

The video and the song achieve an adrenaline filled collage of images and sounds of the band’s experience recording the new album, their most recent tour aboard a party bus across the city , scenes of their past videos, favorite tv shows and movies.

The highway that “Toreto Daze” drives through smells like gasoline, fire , cars that crash into each other or ram through barns which represent what DANTE is willing to leave on the pavement with this new album on 2017. Like few in the rock n roll scene, the band is determined to carry the flag of what Toreto started and take that dump truck of reckless rock n roll music to the last of consequences.


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