‘Down the path the shaman showed’

25 Feb 2017

Gunblade Blues II opens up a new cycle of songs for DANTE. The song, just as the video that comes with it are an introduction to the both musical & visual work that the band will be releasing during 2017. Half teaser trailer of what’s coming, half new video Gunblade Blues II is a mishmash of kaleidoscopic images that speak to each other, all part of a world that DANTE has been building ever since it started its career. In this video, images of both the band’s influences and past songs melt into each other , collide and explode into a labyrinthian path where every new turn provides an image that represents a new song to come.

The song itself is an answer to an older, sister song called ‘Gunblade Blues’ from a past album. But where the latter was a ferocious song that moved at demonic speed , the former is its own opposite: prayer like, a bluesy mantra that repeats and contracts throughout the whole song like an ancient chant to old and dark forgotten gods. Its a prayer to ancient legends of rock n roll, to ouija boards as maps out of purgatory, to the ultraviolence of Anthony Burgess and to the cold, dark streets of Bogota.

DANTE will be releasing a new song for every month of 2017. Of the album its known that it was recorded at three separate studios of Bogota: the main tracks and overdubs at Altar & Amniotica with extras recorded in Music & Technology studios also in Bogota. Co produced by DANTE and Alejandro Jaramillo (owner of Amnotica) Jaramillo mixed the album and sent it to the mastering engineer Andy Vandette who in previous years has worked with bands that have influenced DANTE like RUSH & Deep Purple.

Gunblade Blues II is a short but powerful introduction to a 2017 that will be many things but boring for the Hellhounds of Bogota who will take their audience to a thrilling, explosive and unforgettable rock n roll ride

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