Ending Cycles: The coming Gunblade Blues Vol 2

21 Feb 2017

Every vinyl collector knows there’s two sides to a record. Side A & Side B. Anyone who ever heard records on casette also knows you finish listening to one side when you need to turn it over and listen to the other side. The rock band DANTE is announcing a trailer for the second half of their album ‘Gunblade Blues’ which will be arriving this 24th of February to ignite a new year filled with rock n roll and high to low artistic ventures.

This is the third full length album of the band, taking the name of ‘Gunblade Blues volume 2’ which ends the conceptual ventures of its predecessor ‘Gunblade Blues volume 1’. “It was always our intention to create a whole universe that was both musical and visual. For this album we took as inspiration the movies Kill Bill volume 1 & Kill Bill volume 2 where volume 1 is basically a samurai movie with western echoes while volume 2 is a western movie with samurai echoes. In the case of our album Gunblade Blues volume 1 is a mystical album with violent echoes, while volume 2 is a violent album with mystical echoes.”

-Kami Rayne, lead singer of the band

The trailer that will start the cycle of the year where the band will showcase a new song along with its visual counterpart every month of 2017. Besides this announcement the band is already planning an international tour that will involve their home country of Colombia, the US & probably Mexico.



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