Gunblade Blues Vol. I

# 1 Deadman’s Curve

I’m riding through the storm
I’ll be going alone
I’m sticking to my guns
(Away from deadman’s curve)

(Away!) from deadman’s curve

I won’t sell my soul
no forks on the road
just a fire to pull through
(Away from deadman’s curve)

Journeymen never lie
once you go through the threshold
you’re never the same…
and that long road, it never ends man…
no, it never ends…
it never ends!


# 2 Gunblade Blues

Ouija Maps for purgatory roads
Red eyed shaman is waiting on you

Addictions of the world coil like serpents on your mind
pulling triggers, we are self destructing side by side
engineered for chaos, got the gunblade blues alive

Island closest to heaven inside
Island closest to hell outside

Karma roads come crashing down again
One way a ticket to a chain reaction train
pierces through your core, front row seat to the storm

Through the day
Through the night
Both sides break apart
Shoot to kill, pull the trigger
feel inside, feel inside
The gunblade blues


# 3 Rosalyne Crowe

Bowie’s girl, she’s alright
Lost daughter of Hook and Pan
Greek myth burning alive
Look out now, she’s out tonight

Muse and Siren
Those eyes shine so bright
Rock n roll is alive tonight

Rosalyne Crowe, she’s alright!
wine bottle on hand tonight
Hanging out at Ashbury heights
Old Gods are live tonight

Rosalyne Crowe, she’s alright!
wine bottle on hand tonight
Hanging out at Ashbury heights
Old legends are with us tonight

Pirate Princess of an old lost time
Scarfs and Tissues are out tonight
Vamp vixen knows she’s got it right
Look out now she’s out tonight


# 4 Bulletdodger

Bullet, Bulletdodger (walking down the line)
Bullet, Bulletdodger (trail of scars behind)
Bullet, Bulletdodger (crashing cars tonight)
Bullet, Bulletdodger

I’m a devil in a pinstripe suit
was a saint in days long
Just a gunslinger in the promised land

Bullet, Bulletdodger (looking for a kick)
Bullet, Bulletdodger (looking for the thrill)
Bullet, Bulletdodger (burning through the path)
Bullet, Bulletdodger

They like to call me a troublemaker
Others have tried to change me
But I got something I wanna say to them:
No bad today!
No good tonight!
No bad to play, the dual part!
The highest card
To wake the dead
To raise the bars
To burn the stars
Load the guns
To fight the wars
To crash the cars
To break the hearts
To break the parts
To play the cards!


# 5 Shagfoal

Those quiet things no one knows
Its time and now the crossroads call
The dogs call, the fires call
And the world devours itself for us

Under the moonlight tonight
Do you hear me call
I call now for you
Do you hear me call
I call now for you

A black hound barks in dreams
Wisdom at the price of an eye
At the crossroads, where one is and isn’t

Walk among the living dead
caused more harm than good today
died and bled a million times
the black dogs will take them soon

They come to cure them for good
Flames, churches and dogs
with burning eyes and gloom
they come to cure them for good
here we go, here we go

Can’t handle this world no more
I’m closing that door for good
I was left forlorn , I’m on the gallows tree
on the rope that swings
those crows are flying high


# 6 Dementia Black

Questions to be asked
Cannot sleep, cannot hide
Rhythm’s broken, thought is lost
Pulling triggers, running wild

Passions burn inside
Dark allure that guides the mind
Down the paths of self-destruction
Down the road (of dark hellhounds)

Maelstrom in my head
Devil’s got my brain
Dragon to be chased
Burn till you crash so fast

Crawling out the devil’s ass
found yourself the other side
reflections of the inside
Endless hours
Go (so fast)

Demons in my head
One of the undead
Devil to be chased
Laughs when (you go too fast)


# 7 Dirty Winged Angel

Dirty hands to pull the trigger
Vengeful eyes are so bitter
Danger’s sometimes so alluring
Hold me close and embrace my chaos
Tame the beasts within me
be my saint savior
the healing fire tonight
Healing fire tonight

Angel wings with dirt
Whiskey and Blues
Sinners and Saints
Rituals and Sex
Dirty Winged Angel

Give me your heaven, paradise in your kiss
Because I can’t resist
Sigils and scars for a sensual inquisition
she’s cold, she burns
like a hand that takes and heals
in a world that steals

Heaven and Hell are one
Heaven and Hell are one

She’s both cursed and blessed
Got some songs to sing
Blood sacrifice for the highest card
Porcelain skin…


# 8 Vendetta

We gotta brace ourselves of the assholes of the old world, a dead world
that’s no longer theirs to command shout
(throw the coin, load the guns, stand your ground, this is it now this is war)

We were waiting in the shadows of the games they played
the games they tried, all the time, tonight
(All their drugs all their spies, all their murder, sex and lies)

Don’t ever let them tell you how it’s gonna be
Cause we will fight, fire with fire
And we’ll see who will win

We’ve been waiting for this yes sirey
We’ve been playing the devil on the painted stage and
just can’t wait for you to come today
(All their drugs, all their spies, all their murder sex and lies)


# 9 The Whistleblower

The screams are ringing louder, grey faced men hold the gates
The media kings and queens burn out our spirits
with their games and lies, kill off our dreams

But we don’t forgive and we won’t forget
Knowledge is always free and it’s time to break through
We are no longer cattle to push around
And now we’re coming for you

We are legion!
We are revelation
Breaking your rules
Burning your gates
You can’t stop us now
You can’t silence the whistle
You can’t put the world in jail
Can’t put the world in jail

No more comfort food for the masses
No more sugar rush for the weak minded
No more kings in the lands of the blinded
No veils of corruption will stop us fighting

You can’t stop us cause you can’t see us
We are everyone and we are everywhere
We won’t settle for regrets this time
because tonight, we will stand till the very end


# 10 Sleipnir

He went out to the west
to find good health and fortune
Mirages and tricks all that was,
Fallen Angels and economies of war
Godless servants of the king of the blind
Fallacies and dollar gods, mummer’s tricks for the fools

I ride the night, that black, that black stallion’s back
So far, So far, So far I ride tonight…

He reached out for help, in a desert of lies
Devil’s in black dresses, Witches of the sands
Distractions of the mind, they keep you blind, blind
They haunt down, down
You have a way out

In a land without gods, where the blind lead the fools
a black stallion guides you through
Four guns for a war to come
Riding out the dark, & the war’s just begun
are you gonna stand? with me tonight?