Music and comics clash together on DANTE’s new single: ‘Sleipnir’

03 Mar 2016


DANTE is releasing their single ‘Sleipnir’ via their social media, last in the saga of their second album Gunblade Blues I, with a comicbook available for free reading via their official website.

The song ‘Sleipnir’ was born out of interest of mixing the western influences of the band – Ennio Morriconne for instance- and their taste for songs of an epic nature, which created the perfect mood and length to put together the overall themes that the album speaks of within the lyrics of a great song that compiles, and in a way binds the album together in a single entity.

As an artistic piece ‘Sleipnir’ is a powerful song, but making a music video for it was never an option due to the song’s length and the experience the band has in the production of musical videos of film-like quality like Swamp Thing’ of their first album and Shagfoal, another single of the current album which was released a few months ago and which illustrates an ancient story of witchcraft inspired by medieval tales of the same nature.

The band didn’t want to repeat the same formula with a high quality video and from there, the idea of transforming it to comic book form was born. This combination allowed a passion for music and this type of story telling to come together and by doing so, also made way to releasing the piece through an exploration of different media outlets. According to Kami Rayne, the band’s vocalist within DANTE there’s fans or comicbook geeks “everything was a combination; we were inspired by Guillermo del Toro because he once wrote a book of vampires which he then turned into a comic book and afterwards turned it into a tv show but the three of them are different amongst their selves. And anyways me and Alexx drew and read comics since we were kids so comic books aren’t an unknown territory for us and we took the risk.”

For this process, DANTE designed the whole universe found within the comic book, from the story to its characters, to its script; the illustration was left in the hands of an expert, Juan Calle, a young designer who worked in the comic’s stylistic approach and whom with his team Liberum Donum gave color and life to the story,

After six months of writing, drawing, coloring and corrections ‘Sleipnir’ was completed, a risky type of work for a rock band but incredibly fitting for DANTE who have decided to work not exclusively in music but different forms of artistic expression always in support of art of high quality.

To read and listen ‘Sleipnir’ go to: and spread the word!

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