14 Jun 2017

Every city’s streets maintain the accumulation of stories of the people that have walked through them.

Bridges, empty alleyways, corners and ripped back sides all hide within them stories untold, invisible to the everyday person.

Ghost Dog Streets is a song and a video about the streets of Bogota, Colombia and the haunting stories within its streets.

“We just felt we wanted to write down a dark song about all the main places of our hometown of Bogotá and write down everything that people normally don’t want to show of the city’s ripped back sides, those things still happen, and its ghosts linger on in every corner whether people recognize it or not.” says Kami Rayne, DANTE’s lead singer. “Every city has its own mythology. Ours is one of blood, poverty, drugs, whoring and violence.”

The video was shot by two talented brothers, the Jimenez brothers Jose & Miguel who with their production company Sharpball wrote down an impressive script that mixed in a perfect way with the band’s morbid inclinations “The concept behind Ghost Dog Streets came from the initial idea of a dark tour through the streets of Bogotá.” Says Jose “This was thought out by the band DANTE and actually fueled by the song’s lyrics. My brother and I thought about an animated shadow dog of sorts creeping through the city walls. This quickly evolved to a P.O.V video of our Hellhound just running amok, causing mischief and wreaking havoc. A bit of grindhouse, Tarantino, ‘Smack my Bitch Up’ and Todd McFarlane and there you have it: Ghost Dog Streets born to raise Hell in Ol’ Santa Fé.

“We’ve always had mutual respect for each other’s audiovisual work and we already had done some illustrations for the band, jobs with great flow and brotherhood in between.” Says miguel “With this music video we just had the most wickedly satisfying result for both parties cause every move made perfect sense, even with the danger of shooting in certain parts of our chaotic hometown.”

That crude darkness is precisely what the video and the song offer. A dark tour through the streets of Bogota guided by a hound out of hell. Mixing elements of comic books and horror films DANTE and Sharpball have created a brutal, high speed demon ready to take you on a rock n roll ride through the darkest streets of the Gotham of South America Bogota, Colombia.

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