New tunes out!: Gunblade Blues I

21 Feb 2015

Written by: Chucky García

“In general, I think its a collection of very tight songs; we recorded everything from pure rockabilly all the way to a 6 minute ballad that included sounds of thunderstorms, lightnings and acoustic guitars. It’s an album done the old school way, along the lines of ‘Use your illusion’, an album that takes you on an adventure”.

This is how Mateo Camargo describes ‘Gunblade Blues’ , DANTE’s new album that on the 16th of february will be available for download on iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Deezer, Spotify, Rhapsody and Soundcloud.

Being their second album, the band decided that for the first time they’d be releasing the album in a different way using three different dates (each containing three songs) , the 16th of February, the 11th of May and 14th of September. The first triad of songs include ‘Deadman’s Curve’ (with a video that invokes the works of Alfred Hitchcock and Frank Miller); ‘Dirty Winged Angel’ and ‘Gunblade Blues’ (which gives the album it’s title).

Camargo- Colombian producer, composer and guitar player known for his work with the U.S. Band Madina Lake (signed with roadrunner records) -; was at the helm of the recording and the production of the ten songs that make up ‘Gunblade Blues’ ( after the release of the three triads, the band will release a bonus track).

“I decided to work with DANTE because I was bored to death of working with bands which I had to transform into something they weren’t. With DANTE my plan was: let’s record the tracks live and mix everything afterwards.”

And that’s how they did it. With the band playing live in a rehearsal room (a place where the band felt most at ease and most creative despite it not being the ideal place to record), Mateo Camargo captured the feeling DANTE delivered, half a decade on the road of the local rock n roll scene and who by the end of 2014 represented Colombia at the Corona Hell and Heaven Metal fest, in Mexico, the biggest metal festival of the continent concerning heavy sounds.

Recorded live, ‘Gunblade Blues’ is influenced by blues, punk rock, country and a tinge of goth rock and concerning the songs of the first triad the band has to say this:

‘Deadman’s curve’ is the vision of someone entering the storms of life consciously, who has gone through dark times before and as a consequence, isn’t afraid of them. This track was influenced by the Cajun rocker Willy Deville and The Cult. ‘Dirty Winged Angel’ is basically a song about a ‘femme fatale’ with a liking for rituals and the dark sides of life. Musically, it was influenced by Eric Sardinas and The 69 eyes. Last but not least, ‘Gunblade Blues’ is the track that gave the album it’s name and it’s closer to the blues, it’s a juxtaposition of two worlds , old and new, and explained through a weapon that’s half revolver, half sword and one mentioned in the saga of the game called ‘Final Fantasy’ : the ‘gunblade’. Musically, it was influenced by Anthrax, Aerosmith and Velvet Revolver, and speaks of the struggle of finding some kind of inner balance in a world that is constantly shooting all kinds of addictions with different levels of peril”.

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