‘Rosalyne Crowe’ video comes with new tunes

27 Jul 2015


Its been four months since the band released the first three songs off their second album Gunblade Blues and now the band has released three more: ‘Rosalyne Crowe’, ‘Vendetta’ y ‘Bulletdodger’, all available through iTunes music, Spotify, Deezer and for free via soundcloud.



The first video off this new triad of songs was directed by Samir Marun and its based on three elements according to its director:

“A girl with lots of rock ‘n roll attitude, a city with attitude and a band with attitude. We planned some scenes and went out to Bogota to find all sorts of situations, we filmed the video “guerrilla style” where everyone kicked us out of places and we had to fight for the right shots with very few time to film, but that kept it real and rock ‘n roll. For a lot of the takes we used the Blackmagic Pocket camera on a helmet I built which we could put on and shoot while we walked. For two straight days we went out to the most rock ‘n roll places in the city we could find”.

As a song, ‘Rosalyne Crowe’ is inspired by a friend of the band called Rose that resides in San Francisco and who lives in some sort of alternate reality where she’s still in the 1970s: a decade of speed, the time of the likes of Iggy Pop, David Bowie and The Rolling Stones at their most decadent. The band says that with the song they tried to make two homages at the same time: the first -and within the same character- to rock ‘n roll heroines of history like Debbie Harry, Patti Smith, Joan Jett and Siouxie Sioux; and the second one to classic rock songs with girl names like ‘Roxanne’ by The Police, ‘Ruby Tuesday’ by The Rolling Stones, ‘Rhiannon’ of Fleetwood Mac and ‘Layla’ by ‘Eric Clapton”.


DANTE is currently being played in several radio stations around the country like Radiónica and La X, and with the official video of ‘Rosalyne Crowe’ they’re expanding their audiovisual repertory, which already includes new videos like ‘Gunblade Blues’ y ‘Deadman’s Curve’ (check ’em out here).


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