‘Shagfoal’, a window to a timeless horror.

27 Oct 2015


By: Juan Camilo Herrera

The audiovisual piece presented by DANTE as a companion to the song ‘Shagfoal’ is a fair and long-awaited return to the vocabulary of the unknown. In times on which videoclips are commercials with scarce shelf life, ‘Shagfoal’ takes conventions from giallo cinema (the great subgenre of Italian horror) and comics to create a timeless space and masterfully tell us a horror story.

A ghostly and violent blues beat tells us a tale of a small town blinded by fear and its attempt to control that which we cannot understand. We’re witnesses of the immolation of a woman – a portal between thresholds – as an intriguing figure kneads and unfolds the story with his guitar, with the remaining ashes of a fire that no longer shines.

This video looms from one of the stories that makes part of Voice of The Fire, Alan Moore’s first novel, but there’s something far more compelling underneath. This is a narration as old as humanity itself: witch hunting, the onslaught of all mystery and the hex that falls upon us for our stubborn attempts of destroying the unfathomable. Meanwhile, the band members blur into the crowd, just like the music blends with the video itself.

If a story is good enough, it needs no beginning nor end: it only leaves us with the uneasiness of having watched the world through a privileged window. The price of this deference, however, is to accept that life as we know it is just a part of a tale that remains hidden to us – and not all of us can pay such price.

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