The Gunblade Blues has landed!

12 May 2015

On May 6, DANTE released the video for a song that gives a name to the compilation of themes that the band will be releasing throughout this year: Gunblade Blues. This is a song about finding an inner balance in a chaotic world and fighting the worst visions of the world in a search of peace of mind.

At the moment, the song is on heavy rotation at Radionica and made its way into de Top 25 songs of the station.

Directed by Juan Manuel Escobar, this video captures a very stripped down, raw and animalistic version of the band, just as it is on-stage.

“Shooting ‘Gunblade Blues’ was fun. Everything went quite smoothly, Juan Manuel had this idea of shooting the band on a warehouse, playing the shit out of the song live as close as we could to the way we do it usually on gigs. Inspired by an old ‘Guns ‘N Roses’ video, he told us to go crazy and shot it like 50 times from different angles. Then -with the help of Samir Marun (editor)- accelerated, twisted and edited the video till the finished product came about. It is what you see”. – Kami Rayne, lead singer.

Watch, join the gang and spread the word!

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