The last batch

16 Sep 2015

Four new songs are part of the third and last batch of songs of this year and on wednesday 16th of september they’ll be available on iTunes , Deezer, Spotify, Rhapsody , Amazon mp3, Xbox Music and Soundcloud.

The four songs that DANTE is putting out are ‘Sleipnir’, ‘Shagfoal’ , ‘Dementia Black’ and ‘The Whistleblower’ , the four are part of their 2015 album ‘Gunblade Blues’ and make them one ot the most active bands within the local spectrum and who have made their fans grew exponentially during the year.

‘Sleipnir’ is inspired by surf rock, the Clint Eastwood trilogy directed by Sergio Leone, epic Led Zeppelin songs and the bridge between the unconscious and the conscious mind. Sleipnir is Odin’s horse, the nordic god of wisdom and war; and deals with the themes that DANTE touches upon throughout the whole album (war economies, celebrity culture and the spiritual emptiness of the world) and will come with a comic book that will tell an extra story within the realm of the band but will also reinforce the stroy of the song.

‘Shagfoal’ is a dark blues number, with scary undertones guarded by the Hellhound (infernal dog that also lends its name to the community of followers of the band #wearehellhounds). Just like ‘Sleipnir’, it also has a special connection to the comic book writer and occultist Alan Moore and musically its influenced by the “light and shade” technique that Jimmy Page used during his days in Led Zeppelin.

Finally, ‘Dementia Black’ and ‘The Whistleblower’ are the result of the experiences lived by the five member gang with the psychobilly, western cinema (once again) , Thin Lizzy tunes and the stand of collective activists like Anonymous from where the song borrowed the phrases “We are legion”, “We do not forgive, we do not forget”.

Besides the comic book of ‘Sleipnir’, DANTE will also reléase the oficial video for the song ‘Shagfoal’ , a cinematic piece with high aesthetic standards and which joins the four videos that the band has released throughout this year: ‘Deadman’s Curve’ , ‘Gunblade Blues’, ‘Rosalyne Crowe’ and ‘Vendetta’.


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