Ultraviolent rock blasts the west coast of the Us

01 Aug 2017

DANTE is currently playing their first tour in the United States entitled ‘The ultra violent tour 2017’. As a companion to this tour, the band has compiled a group of songs from all the albums released so far: songs off ‘The Rorschach Manifesto’ , ‘Gunblade Blues volume I’ and the ongoing ‘Gunblade Blues Volume II’ into a single entity they have decided to call ‘ULTRAVIOLENT Blast!’

A mixture of punk rock, blues , hard rock and southern gothic, this group of songs show the band’s multiple facets in all their best versions: from the smokey sounds of ‘Swamp thing’ to the fast and violent western rhythms of ‘Les Cowboys’. They’re all there. The darkness, grittiness of the hellhounds of Bogot√° in all its glory for old gang members and newcomers.

As DANTE continues its tour in the US playing backyard gigs of south central’s Punk scene (as seen on Netflix documentary ‘Los Punks’) and traditional classic rock n roll bars that include a date at the famous Viper Room along side bands like the Delta Bombers and The Rocketz ‘ Ultraviolent Blast! ‘comes along as the perfect companion of the band’s first US /west coast tour.


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