12 May 2017


“Upstairs was fantastic, like Versailles. But down in the basement…it was Dante’s inferno.”

With these words, Keith Richards described the experience of recording an album at the vialla Nellcôte , a mansion in the south of France where The Rolling Stones exiled during their times of financial trouble with the English government.

DANTE’s new single and accompanying video “Les Cowboys is inspired in this chaotic time that the Stones lived through.  Miguel Mejia, close friend of the band and the video’s director recreated a scene of chaos where a party mayhem revolves around the song and the band.

“We thought about different perceptions of how an infernal scene could be portrayed. We used the whole right side of Hieronymous Bosch ‘s The Garden of Earthly Delights. We also used Sartres No Exit as an influence.

We wanted the viewer to represent Sisyphus from the greek myth but without any stone to carry, a poor soul condemned to be drugged, beat up and seduced by clowbs and cowboys a million times without really knowing why.

We wanted a lot of interaction with DANTE, the pin up girls, cowboys , clowns , Mexican wrestlers and masked characters with enough space between one another for each to play out their individual parts appropriately.”

Clowns, pin up models, cowboys and masked characters all clash into each other to the beat of this wild rhythm. “Les Cowboys” wasn’t only inspired by Exile on Mainstreet . Instrumentally it contains echoes of Ennio Morriconne’s spaguetti western scores as well as the punk rock abrasiveness that the band’s been known for before.

Another interesting point of the video’s inception is the fact that the band and the director opted to stray away from traditional influences when it came to handling the 360 format. Mejia explains “ we saw different examples of what bands had done in 360,  and it was overwhelming  how boring  and tedious these videos were,  nothing happened , the camera did nothing, it was all scenes of yachts or walks through the woods where nothing ever happened, the medium was totally wasted. Then, we came upon a video by The New York Times entitled “Rehearse, Ice feet, Repeat: The Life of a New York Ballet Corps Dancer”. In this video you vould tell the camera really belonged to the place and it led the viewer smoothly into its own space where the dancers interacted with the camera, it was interesting”

The video was shot in a mansion in the northern side of Bogota, where the shoot took a single day in one of the rooms that resembled the damp basement of the legendary Villa Nellcôte. It was done with the help of friends and fans of the band.

This powerful new entry into DANTE’s universe continues the ongoing release of songs off their new album Gunblade Blues: volume II.

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